We only started playing EE a few weeks ago but have reached a point in the game where we don't feel the original excitement to play the game that we first had. To develop apps takes our free time.
To give your opinion on what we should do fill out the survey just to the right, depending on your response we may or may not continue developing apps and even playing EE entirely.
On a happier note today myself (Arcilyte) and MrShmuck hosted a drop party...
Today myself and MrShmuck has a sudden idea to host a drop party, we send out a few messages on global chat informing players about that they had 5 minutes to get down to Aeven Bank 1 before it started. Not long after sending out the global message people showed up keen to get some drops. We dropped about 50k worth of gold and items! Congratz to everyone who got a drop, to those who were less fortunate better luck next time (if there is a next time).
(image below: player who picked up thanking EE Guides for the cooks uniform)

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